How Does This Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.

Oswald Chambers

What is Our Goal?

Our goal is to get congregations throughout PA involved in praying for the revival of the church in their community and that their neighbors would fall in love with Jesus. We are praying for revival and awakening, a great move of God. Our vision is an unending flood of prayer coming from Central PA!

How Are We Doing It?

We are encouraging every local church that wants to be involved to pick one or more days of the week and work to fill all 24 hours of that day (or those days) with one or more people praying. So if a church adopted “Monday” then every Monday, they would have at least 24 people adopting an hour so that all the hours are covered. Each person can take as many hours as they are willing to commit to pray. Each hour can have multiple people.

Will More Than One Church Take the Same Day?

In time we hope that 100’s of churches in PA join us in prayer. There are only seven days in a week so we hope that some days have dozens of churches praying.

Can Our Church Have More Than One Day?

Definitely, if your church is signed up to join us, they may have chosen to fill multiple days. If they haven’t signed up to join us, talk to your pastor we would love to have them join. He can send an email to Pastor Dan (

How Do I Know If My Church Has Joined?

When you go to register, you will start by putting in your city and church. If you church is not listed, it has not yet joined.

If My Church Has Not Yet Joined Can I Still Sign Up?

Of course! Though we still encourage you to talk to your pastor, we would love to have your whole church join us! If you do not see your church when you register, there will be an opportunity to register as unaffiliated. When your church joins you can change that. 

How Will I Cover A Whole Hour in Prayer?

There are two main request themes for which we are praying. We are asking Jesus to bring revival to His church. We are asking the Spirit to draw our neighbors to Jesus. That might be enough for an hour, BUT on the front page, click “Prayer Guides” and there will be guides that will help you pray as well. Just don’t forget, if you use a prayer guide, keep praying for revival and awakening! Oh and praying through scripture, can be a great way to go as well. Many have found that praying through the letters to the churches in Revelation 1-3; praying some of the prayers of the Bible like Ephesians 3:14-21; or praying revival chapters like Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones can help.

What if I have something share?

We are always looking for God-stories or reports on what God has been putting on your heart for prayer. Send your story to

Anything else I should know?

We would love to have you join us in praying together, the “Do It Again Prayer.” It’s below AND it’s can be downloaded from the “Prayer Guide” section.